Cat LaCohie
An invitation to adventure...
The Los Angeles based British actress, sometimes disguised as the dangerously seductive and "Eddie Izzard-esque" variety performer 'Vixen DeVille'.

"..more than worth the price of admission for me: a gorgeous, hilarious, sexy Brit. . . as longtime readers know by now, I am the living epitome of my friend Cheryl B. Engelhardt’s lyric, “I fall in love at least four times a day.” This lady will be taking up at least a week’s worth!"
​Paul Franco -

"charming, entertaining and captivating"
​Julia Reed Nicols - Do Right Industries LLC
"Charming, eloquent, sassy, sexy, shocking and great fun...Audiences are delighted by her. The men want her and the women want to be her"

​Paul Draper - Producer. 

 "She really carried the show with her naughty but nice personality. She had the audience in the palm of her hand and we ate it up. She was everything you need.. funny, able to improvise, flirty and great command of the stage."
​Rachel Ford -

"Cat LaCohie (Charlotte) combines a sexuality, femininity and wisdom to give a performance only an old soul can." 
Role of Charlotte in, "Missing Dick" by Gordon Bressack. 
Radomir Luza -

Nominated for Best Supporting Actress in "Devil's Work"

AGENT: Mike Gerard
Esprit Talent Agency
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MANAGER: Gisela Shiffer
3G Management
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